Friday, November 30, 2012

An Unexpected Smile

I held this sweet boy...
just hours after he was born.  And he's been hiding from my camera ever since.
But on this day, he was actually excited to see me!  He was all smiles, and giggles and fun and wanting to have his picture taken!  I couldn't help but oblige him :)
 Even when he thought he was hiding behind the 'Christmas' tree :)
This precious girl wasn't quite as keen on getting in front of the lens, but she let me follow her around while she played, and I was okay with that!

Thanks for letting me capture your beautiful family again, Huffs!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Growing with Caitlyn: 6mos

This sweet girl was all smiles when I saw her from behind the lens - what a gem to photograph!

Big Sister got in on the fun too!

Thanks for letting me grow with your family, Kramers!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mike+Valerie: Loveshoot

I had so much fun capturing these two (plus the pup) for their engagement session a little over a year ago, it was an honor to give them some memories of their 1 year anniversary and grab some holiday shots for them too! Here are some of my favorites from the session:


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Growing with Adam: 3mos old

Hard to believe this big guy...  
was this teeny-tiny guy only three months ago!

I'll never forget reading the e-mail from his expectant momma, while I was sitting in Tanzania, Africa.  I wrote back quickly, explaining how my family and I were in Africa for a few weeks, but that I would be in touch about setting up a Grow with Me package as soon as I got back.  Then she wrote back and told me that she and her husband are African - from Morocco.  I love how God works - I mean what are the chances of me getting an email from an unknown client while I am in Africa from someone who is originally from Africa?!
Anyway, she surprised me by wearing traditional Moroccan dress for our session - I was super excited! Her mother-in-law hand stitched every detail, sequin and design on these beauties - can you believe it?!

Love the look on his face in this one! It makes him look like such a little man!

Thanks for letting me grow with your sweet boy Chater family! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's been a while..

Since I've been able to get my lens on this little boy
... and I was super excited when his momma asked for a mini-session/park play date!  Another former teaching colleague, his momma just became a stay at home mom this year. It was great to have a morning play date with our little ones, reconnect ourselves, and do a mini session at the same time!
Mom was prepared with a bubble gun for maximum fun during the session! 

I've learned that the few times I have been able to bring my little one on a session, he's a great prop.  Luke was being silly and shy and refused to look at me, but when I said, "Hey, where's O?" He was quick to turn around and show me! :)

 He thought he was the cat's pajamas climbing up on the top of that fence!
SUCH a cutie!  Thanks for letting me capture your little man again Sides family!

A New Friend

Meet sweet Ava
the daughter of a friend I previously taught with, she was actually due after our little one, but since he decided to stay put an extra 10 days, Ava's birthday came first :)
Ava (and her mom) wanted to meet little O so we brought him along - and they were fast friends!

It was a super fun shoot playing in the leaves and meandering around in the warm fall weather!  Here are a few of my favorites from the session:


As I snapped that one above during the outfit change, I couldn't help but see a flash-forward to the day mom will be doing this on her wedding day :)

Thanks, Hicks family, for letting me capture your sweet girl, and thanks for letting my little man make a new friend! :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sneaking Around

It was her party.
 She was turning three.
 And she did not want me to take her picture.
(Yup, that is her telling me to stop taking her picture)
 But I was sneaking around and caught a few good ones anyway :)
And this is me teasing her for swiping a piece of the icing :)

Little brother hanging on tight to those balloons, and grandma :)

Thanks for letting me celebrate another year with Lauren, Smith family!