Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Insert Mission:Impossible Theme Song Here

You know the one: duh, duh, duh duh duh duh, duh, duh duhduhduuuhhhhhhh...

Okay, well that doesn't really do it justice, but you get the picture :)  I had my first covert operations assignment a couple of weeks ago and I must admit - it was kinda fun sneaking around.  Let me explain:

My good friends Christina & Kyle have been married for a year now, but for their anniversary Christina wanted to do something extra special for Kyle.  Kyle works for Roush Fenway Racing and travels all. the. time.  So Christina had the idea of getting her pictures taken, and then slipping some in his suitcase for him to find while he was out of town for their 1st anniversary.
But she wanted it to be a surprise.
Getting him to fess up on when he was traveling was easy, but figuring out exactly how to get the pictures done without him knowing was a little trickier... so I headed over to her place bright and early with my little one in tow while Kyle was away at work.  Christina asked her boss if she could come in a little late and we got to work!
Every bride wonders if she can still fit into her wedding dress a year later...
These are excerpts from the vows she wrote to Kyle for their wedding day
and we just couldn't resist a little goofiness :)
Did I mention she's a NASCAR Wife?  Well, she's proud of it so we had to show off these...
Kyle works with Trevor Bayne (who won the Daytona 500 this year) and got the HUGE ring and neat hat after their victory!

Since Kyle travels so much, Christina writes little 'somethings' and puts them in his luggage to find while he's away from home... she stumbled upon this pile one day and was pleasantly surprised to see that he had been keeping them all this time!
 Christina, I had SO much fun on this covert operation - thanks for asking me to share in such a special milestone for the two of you!  Glad to hear Kyle loved the surprise prints you planted in his suitcase!

Does your husband travel a lot?  Or is your anniversary coming up?  
E-mail me for info about surprising your honey with some fabulous photos of his favorite thing in the world - YOU!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's A....

...Mystery!  That's right - Matt & Emily are going to be surprised at the end of August when their little one arrives - will it be a boy or girl?  No one knows, but they DO know the little one will be a die-hard OSU fan.. I mean, it's only natural since the couple is from Ohio. :)
I had so much fun hanging out with Matt & Emily at Lake Norman for this session.  Some extremely gracious friends-of-a-friend offered their gorgeous property to us for the afternoon and we were able to capture some beautiful images of their little mystery baby bump - in between mopping our forheads of sweat in the 100* Carolina heat. 
You'd never know it was hot though - Matt & Emily were troopers and such a beautiful couple at that!  I tell ya - couples like this make my job easy!
It was only a mild form a torture being so close to all this water whilst we were so hot and sweaty...

... but we made it out alive and downed some ice water as we headed to the front of the property where the shade was a welcome retreat for these next shots.
If I didn't drive a small car...
I may have just run away with this bench strapped to the top of my car.  Okay, so there's no way I'd really do that, but I am kind of in love with it.  :)
Matt & Emily - thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to capture your first baby bump.  Emily - you're absolutely gorgeous and I wish you two all the best in parenthood!

And to the Buck family - thank you a million times over for letting us use your amazingly beautiful property for the session!