Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Babies on the Brain

I must admit, I've had babies on the brain lately. I'm pretty sure at least 3 people in my circle of friends at church have recently had babies, and I know at least 3 people that are still pregnant. Then there's the girl that teaches with me that just had her baby a few months ago, and the three of us, (out of 8) on our grade level that are currently pregnant! Crazy!
In case you didn't catch that - yes, I said us. :) My hubby and I will be meeting our first little-one in mid-April! We're very excited! All that said, here are some maternity and baby shots for you to take a gander at.

Are you pregnant? Have little ones? I'd love to capture your family on camera! Hit the "Contact me" page to schedule a session!

Meet baby J - 3 1/2 weeks old!

 And here's baby B - only 2 days old! 

This is Mr. & Mrs. S - expecting their first!

 And welcome to the world baby L - only 6 days old here!

Hope that gives you your fill of babies! :)  Aren't they just adorable!?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's My Prerogative!

Okay, so I changed my mind... this post will not be about my European adventure... it's about my dear friends, the L family.  (Hey, I'm a woman, I'm pretty sure it's written in the rules somewhere that we can change our mind whenever we want.) They've been on my heart lately and I thought this would be a great way to share about the great things they're doing over in Thailand.
Meet the gorgeous J.  Mother of two boys, wife of J, follower wholehearted pursuer of God, and my friend.  I'm truly blessed to know this amazing woman.  She left all that was familiar for her in the US to follow God's call on their lives and move to Thailand to spread His love.  Not only is she a stay at home mom, but she does it in a foreign country!  She cooks on a stove getting gas from a propane tank, she chases giant rats off her roof, she braves rides on vehicles that can hardly be considered legal... or vehicles at times, AND she supports/works alongside her husband building relationships and churches in an unreached area of Thailand.  Oh, and did I mention she home schooled her 8 year old for a while too?  Whew.  I admire this woman!
Meet B.  The oldest son of J and J.  He's always contemplating something.  Wise beyond his years and extremely intuitive.  Frequently sporting this serious face and often asking for a room to daydream in.

He's not always serious and contemplative though.  He's definitely got the whole rough-and-tumble boy thing going on too.  He LOVEs Nerf guns, loves to be outside, loves to explore and LOVES to ask questions!  His favorite TV show is Man VS Wild.  He LOVED us forever for DVR-ing it for him :)

Meet A, the youngest of the L clan.  This little one has spent the past year in Thailand, so coming back to America was something new to him - who knows if he had any memories of it from when he was a toddler.  We're pretty sure he didn't remember grass, because when he stepped on it for the first time, he made a face just like that!  He also loved our carpet - when they walked in the house he just lay face down and moved like he was making a snow angel feeling the softness.  (They don't have carpet in Thailand - tile, tile tile!)
He's also a total, and complete Mama's boy.  This boy would cling to his mama 24/8 if it were possible.  It's very cute.  I love the second shot of him gripping his airplane.  If this little one was stranded on a desert island, all he would want would be his matchbox cars, planes and trains!  He always had one in his hand and a few in his backpack.  He would play with them for hours on end and be totally content.
Unfortunately dad couldn't be here for this photo session - it was somewhat impromptu and he was at a meeting when we whisked off to this nearby field of hey bales.

So it was just a "Mama & Her Boys" session on this beautiful Carolina day.