Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three Men & a Baby Three Ladies & a Daddy

It was so much fun capturing the Kramer family just before Christmas... and just after they found out another little girl is on the way!  Sorry Dad, but you're going to be sorely outnumbered soon! :)
Here are some of my favorites from the session!



Thanks so much for letting me capture your cutie on camera, Kramer family!

Friday, December 23, 2011

SuperMom Says Cheese!

I had so much fun photographing this adorable family in the quaint little town of Davidson... but there was one thing super special about this family - the mom had just had her appendix out a day or two before!  Talk about super mom!  (Insert cool theme song here)  You would never know it by the photos though - aren't they a gorgeous family?!

And that little girl.  Oh. My. Goodness. 

I could just eat her up!  She was such a sweetheart and did such a great job for the entire session!

I told her to make a 'serious face' :)  Haha, not really, but it sure is cute!


 There just happened to be a completely decorated tree, complete with presents and extra decorations sitting in the middle of the town.  I kid you not.  Libby didn't mind one bit that we plopped her down in a pile of Christmas balls and presents!
Thanks for letting me capture you're beautiful family, Glissmans! 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mini Sessions for Christmas!

In early December I offered mini sessions at a discounted rate for people to get Christmas card photos done in time - it was a blast working with the Bromfields and the Cochrans on this warm, sunny Sunday!  Here are some of my favorites from their sessions:
The Bromfields:
Um. Could he BE any cuter?  I think not.

This little one was so sweet the entire shoot!

Boys will be boys. And play with trucks. In the rocks.

Such a happy family!

The Cochrans:

This little man was ready for his close up!

 Love this playful moment - the kids were wrapping mom & dad in twine they found on the ground... but little brother got caught up in the mix too!
Sisters :)

The oldest of the clan, such a pretty girl!

The middle child - such a beauty!


Thank you Bromfields & Cochrans - for allowing me to capture your kids and have a fun day of mini sessions with your families!

Growing with Baby Liam

It's been so great photographing the Smiths over the years, and I'm excited to keep it going with Liam's grow with me sessions!  Here's a peek at some of my favorites from his 3 month session!

Gotta love that little smile! 

Such a beautiful family!

 Daddy's violin :)           
His very special teddy that momma put the sound of his heartbeat in from when he was still in her womb :)

Just look at those baby blues!!  Watch out - this one's gonna be a charmer!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

In Which I Use my Baby as a Prop

 It's true.  I brought Owen to this session and used him like a prop.  You see, the little boy in this family, loves Owen.  His mom told me he once woke up from a nap and asked, "Is baby Owen here?!" And wasn't happy when the answer was "no."  So, I thought, what better way to get the little toddler to smile than to bring  his best bud?! I think it worked :)