Monday, April 23, 2012

The First Charlottean

Baby Chloe made her appearance not too long ago - and she's the first Charlottean of the family! :)
It was great to see the Cope family again, this time with their new addition!



Thanks for letting me get my lens on your sweet baby girl, Cope family!!

Welcome Baby...

It's been a while since I've seen a newborn, but spring is here and baby Nicholas is only one of several newborns I get to capture these days!  He was such a sweet boy - and so handsome!
And this spunky, adorable little girl is already a great big sister!
 Daddy is surely smitten :)

I look forward to watching baby Nicholas grow, thanks for letting me capture your beautiful family! 

Three to One

Dad is about to be outnumbered three-to-one.. that's right - the Kramer's are expecting another little girl!  I had so much fun capturing this sweet one as she prepares to be a big sister!


 The only two men of the family :)
 I'm excited to meet your new addition Kramer family! :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tell Them You Think They're Older

That almost always works.  When working with kids around 3 years old, I always say, "NO way!  You're not three!?!?!  I thought you were {insert older age here}!!"  That almost always warrants this adorable, genuine, smile... see, watch this:
Before: "Hey can you sit down between mommy & daddy?"
"Awesome job - that's perfect!  Hey, by the way, how old are you" (Child holds up three fingers) "NO WAY!  There's no way that you're three!  I thought you were at least seven!"
even if the thought behind that smile is: Lady are you kiddin' me?  You're an adult, aren't you supposed to be smart? But I don't mind, because I'll take a smile like that any day!

I had so much fun with this sweet little guy, and he loved the camera!
Or maybe possibly he just liked playing at the park while I followed him around... that could be it too.  ;)

Even Mom & Dad got in on the fun!

               Love the look on his face here! Silly boy!       And he was thrilled to show of his dance moves!!

He apparently thought they tasted good, because he kept trying to eat the bubbles!

I had so much fun capturing this beautiful family - thanks for letting me play Fronebergers!!