Sunday, August 26, 2012


Tiny fingers
Tiny toes
Tiny mouth
A perfect tiny nose
Tiny ears,
Fingers too
I cannot resist the cuteness - can you?

Meet little Adam, born prematurely he was just short of (having supposed to have been ) 36 weeks (gestation) at the time of this shoot.

And he's already an avid Giants fan, just like daddy.
The great news is - he's doing amazing! This little man was a dream to work with - cozy and sleepy at first, then very alert an awake at the end of the session.

He did a great job and I can't wait to Grow With him through the next year and a half!

Thanks for letting me meet your newest addition Chater family!  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

From All Corners...

This family was kind enough to ask that I capture them - all together - in the same place - because it doesn't happen often these days!

The 'kids' are all grown up and moved out of the house, most have started their own families, and no two relatives live in the same state!


After peeling the kiddos away from the pond (what kid doesn't love water?!), we finished the morning off with some fun on the swings - a great reward for the kids, who did such an awesome job!

Thanks for pulling this all together Wilson family - I had a blast with you guys!

Getting Amped on Jesus!

Every year Freedom House church puts together an out-of-this-world kids kamp for little ones ages 4-12 to learn about God and his love.  It's kind of like VBS (vacation bible school).  But really.  It's not.  Not even a little bit.  Because you will not find any flannel graphs here.  You will not see kids singing along to a CD or or sitting quietly in church pews.


Here the kids rock out to live, original music every night with the Freedom Rock Worship Band!

There are several kids on stage (that are taught all-original choreography beforehand) to lead the crowd in worship.
The night begins with a concert (worship time), then MC Michael brings the Bible Point and Bible Verse to life every night with his crazy antics and funny gestures that help the kids remember the verse.

Then The kids rotate through each of three stations every night: snacks, games and Bible study.


The night ends with a clip from a drama (that continues each night until the finale, where they find out what happens to the main character due to the choices he makes), some trivia about the what the kids learned that night and finally an altar call before closing out with more worship time while the kids are picked up.

It was so great to be a part of such a well-thought-out and amazingly executed outreach to the kids of the University area in Charlotte.  These kids love coming to Freedom Rock - they get all dressed up, they scream and jump up and down while the countdown to worship is happening - they get SO excited about it all.

It takes hundreds of volunteers to make Freedom Rock happen.  From the worship band and the group leaders, to the design team, writing team, tech team, and so much more - it's all hands on deck to make this outreach a success!  Even the volunteers' little ones in childcare aren't just getting babysat- they're learning about God too!
That stuff is all fine and dandy.  Even awesome.  But what takes the cake for me is seeing this:
Hundreds of hands going up ALL across the room (of all sizes!) to ask Jesus into their hearts.  This is why Freedom House does this.  This is the reason for the lights, the music and decorations.  This is it.  To serve the NOW generation.  To impact the kids of today who are going to be the ones impacting our tomorrows.

Thanks for letting me capture such an amazing event, Freedom House!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Not the Only 1...

She's ONE!

But she's not the only one...

she's going to be a big sister soon!  So excited for Danica & Mike as they welcome another addition to their family! But for now - let's focus on the birthday girl:


I mean, the cute-factor is off the charts people!

Looking forward to capturing the next little one, thanks for letting me grow with Adriana!